black-eyed snakes paintings?

Recently i moved to a new place, it is a pity that i can not take all my favoute wall art of black-eyed snakes. I have been liked this band since my high school and those posters have been with me for so many years. Now i have to start it over to redecor my room. I was thinking of buying a few new canvas wall art about this band, i was thinking below website:

I had a few experience with them, great place to buy oil painting reproductions online. Their quality is fantastic. They have wide range of art in their collection, ranging from abstract to modern and contemporary. I love the design and colors of their website, it is actually my first option when i need any art pieces. The only problem is that they don’t have artworks about black eyeed snakes. I talked with Doug, the sales manager of Outpost, he said their artists will try to paint some pop art related this brand. So i have to wait.

This website is specialized in custom artwork, mainly portrait from photo. Their price is ok, good thing is that they can turn the photos into different styles, such as impressional, realistic, artistic, pop art style and even knife paintings which is similar to Francois Neily’s artworks. I love this kind of art style, heavy paints, big brushstrokes and vibrant colors. I’ll try a 100cm x 100cm first to check the result.

This website only deal in hand-painted oil paintingss. I didn’t buy from them before. It is recommended by Franky, a friend of mine. He ordered a 20×24 painting less than $100 including the shipping cost. The price is very competitive and my friend is very happy with their quality. Although they don’t have the black-eyed snakes paintings on their website, but they offer custom painting service, i can send any pictures i like and turn into hand-painted oil painting. I was thinking of getting 5 pictures done from them. Their turnaround time is 15 days. That would be cool.

Any more ideas? If you guys have great place to buy black-eyed snake canvas art, please do let me know. Thanks a lot!

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